Embarrassing Mum?

Following on from my Easter post, Easter Holidays where Eddie revealed for the first time that I was embarrassing, you will be pleased to know that this morning he said I was cool! Although I’m not sure cool was the word he was looking for…

I was in the kitchen getting some dog food from the cupboard whilst calling to the children to get their shoes on as it was almost time to leave for school. Eddie walked into the kitchen and literally stopped in his tracks as he saw me, ‘Wow mummy, you look kinda….. erm….. well…. those tights they are so….. erm……’ he was clearly struggling to find a good enough adjective to describe my mornings attire so I felt it best that I helped him out!

‘Cool? I look cool in my tights?’

‘Yes mummy you look cool, yes you do, you look cool and kinda funky’ I was still not fully convinced by this description of me, never the less I went with my look for the day and decided not to go on the uncertainty of my nine year old son.

Let me explain why Eddie was taken aback by my tights, I’m a dress wearer, I rarely wear jeans (I’m getting too old to be squeezing my thighs into skinny jeans), and although I can always be spotted in a dress I never have my legs on ‘full’ show. Once upon a time I would have done happily but as I wrote about in my blog last year in the post entitled Summer of Protection having any part of my body exposed to the summer sun or winter sun for that matter feels like a slap in the face for Livvy, how can I walk around with her wearing full clothing to protect her whole body from UV light when I have my bare arms and legs out? It doesn’t feel right or fair therefore I make a conscious decision to wear tights with my dresses come rain or shine, and if it hasn’t got long sleeves I will wear a cardigan too. (I know I’m describing my style very much like someone in their 70s but I think I pull it off well).

Over the weekend I realised almost all my tights had seen better days and that I no longer had a ‘good’ pair. So on Monday morning I popped into town to get some more, as I approached the rows and rows of different deniers I realised they had none in my usual colour of navy blue, but being desperate for new ones and not having the motivation to walk round town to a different store I went for a dark red pair and also dark purple. I thought to myself most people properly think I actually have navy legs as that’s all they see so it would be good to change the colour, so felt that in the absence of navy, red and purple would suffice.

So back to this morning when I stopped Eddie in his tracks, or rather my red tights did! Maybe it was the shock of my legs not actually being navy that threw him for a moment, whatever it was he came to the conclusion that I was once again cool and funky which is a marked improvement from last weeks embarrassing mother experience and I can continue standing in solidarity with Livvy with no skin exposed to the deadly UV light that is all around us everyday.


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