An open letter to all that stare

No she’s not a bee keeper nor is she an astronaut, she’s not doing any welding, and you may think it’s inappropriate to be wearing such a thing in town but please don’t air your views to me. She’s not dressing up and she’s not wearing it for fun. She’s not got chicken pox and no you can’t catch what she has ‘got’. She’s not wearing it for your protection, she’s my daughter and Eddie’s little sister and she is wearing it for her own protection.

Please don’t point, please don’t stare, she’s no different from your own child she just has special skin. All we are doing is trying to live a normal life. We have a right to walk around town without being stopped to ask why she is wearing ‘that’ I will be polite to you only to show Eddie and Livvy that this is how we conduct ourselves, we are not rude even if it is rudeness that causes pointing and staring.

She is not deaf and she is not visually impaired, she can see you staring and she can hear your comments whether it be to her face or mine, or as is often the case under your breath.

If you show us your kindness then maybe you will get to see her smile that shines so bright, but by pointing and staring you are making that smile fade, if you take the time to look in her eyes whilst you are making your comments then you will see the pain and hurt your words are causing.

I apologise not to you but to my children for the times that I wasn’t strong and I let my guard down and I shouted at you for your rudeness, the time I shouted across a road to you to ask what you are staring at. The time on a crowded tube that I felt a thousands eyes watching us and I went into a rant about how rude strangers can be and pointing out how rude it is to stare at a child. I apologise for walking out of a cafe before finishing our drinks as I couldn’t take the looks and comments.

If you see us again please don’t feel the need to apologise for all the times you have hurt our feelings, all we ask is that you treat us like any other family that is going about their business. I sometimes wonder if you would stop a ‘normal’ family to ask such personal and at times upsetting questions and remarks? I don’t blame you for the hurt you have caused I’m sure you are unaware, but all I ask is that if we should cross paths again you let us walk by without turning your head to stare.




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