A Truly Spectacular Rainbow

I was asked before Christmas how I felt about the Rainbow concert band performing a concert, with all monies raised going towards our night garden that we are hoping to create for Eddie and Livvy at home. I was taken a back by the kindness of the offer and of course was very appreciative. We have felt the amazing kindness of strangers during our journey with XP so far and this was once again one of those moments that reminds you of the love and kindness that strangers can show in times of adversity.

I met with Simon, the conductor and organiser of the band during the last week to look at the programme and discuss last little things before the concert the following Saturday. I mentioned that I didn’t think I was taking the children due to it being late on a Saturday night, he said why not pop along to the rehearsal on Saturday afternoon, I thought this was a great idea as everyone involved in the band could say hello to Livvy and understand who they were raising the money for.

I was looking forward to a girls night out, having a few glasses of wine and walking home via the chippy, however after popping in during the rehearsal with the children we changed our minds about taking them. Both children sat transfixed on the band, unable to take their eyes off them as the music flowed from the stage, it was a spectacular performance which left me with goose bumps. The work and dedication of the band was clearly apparent as the conductor stopped what appeared to be a flawless performance with pointers on how to improve, it sounded perfect to my untrained ear, but showed the effort that was being put in ahead of the concert that evening.

I asked the children if they wanted to come back with me later to watch the whole show, they both smiled and nodded. We left the rehearsal and headed home to get bathed and ready for the 7.30 start of the concert. Eddie and Livvy talked about the short part they’d already seen, telling me what instruments they had seen and how many people they thought were in the band.

7.30 arrived and both children, along with some of their friends, sat ready and waiting for the music to start flowing once again. As the first notes floated down from the stage to us, sat in front of the stage, I turned and looked at Eddie, his eyes wide with excitement taking in all the notes. I whispered to Livvy to ask if she was enjoying it, she nodded as her eyes stayed focused on all that was happening on the stage. Livvy has always wanted to play the violin or guitar, and we have said when she’s a little older, if she still wants to then she could start having lessons, however after watching the concert last night I think it’s opened her eyes to the many other amazing instruments that are out there ready and waiting to be learnt.

The plan was that during the interval Grandad would take Eddie and Livvy home to bed but as the interval came and went and the sound of Toccata flooded the hall, I found myself telling Grandad that they will be fine staying till the end. I looked over at Livvy who was playing uno with her friends as the iconic Eve of the War from War of the Worlds rained down on her, she was no longer watching the band but her leg was moving in time to the music, banging her foot down on the floor as her head and shoulders moved involuntary to the music flowing through her body.

It was a fantastic night which both Eddie and Livvy enjoyed more than I imagined they would. Simon spoke, in between conducting, about how the band came to be formed and how the name ‘rainbow’ was used to symbolise something wonderful that happens only under a specific set of circumstances, bringing colour into life for its short existence then disappearing until the next time when the time is right once again.

I felt touched when I heard this, what a fantastic name for the band, plus they only get together under special circumstances and they chose our own ray of sunshine to shine their rainbow over. Members from the band traveled from all over the UK to come together here in Nottinghamshire, to help us make Livvy’s life a little bit easier. I can’t thank Simon and the Rainbow Concert Band enough for their kind generosity and their amazing performance. We can’t wait until the time is right once again and they decide to let their Rainbow shine, spreading joy and happiness as they do. Thank you for a night that Eddie and Livvy will remember for a very long time. A truly spectacular Rainbow.


One thought on “A Truly Spectacular Rainbow

  1. The Book of Matthew – The Barren Fig Tree

    …21 And Jesus answered and said to them, “Truly I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ it will happen. 22 “And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”

    Keep the faith! Keep going!


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