Our most favourite season of all

It’s mid February yet I can feel spring all around us, Winter why do you have to end? The tulip bulbs that we planted in the autumn are starting to push their way up in our night garden, showing the green tip just above the soil, a sure sign that spring is almost here. The evenings are noticeably longer with the sun sending out its last rays of UV light just after 5.30 in the evening. On a clear day the Winter sun is starting to shine so bright spreading its light far and wide, reminding us of the power it holds over us during the summer months.

I know it won’t be long until we will be changing the clocks, I’m not looking forward to it, adjusting as everyone else does to the shift in time, but to also losing an hour of precious darkness. You will always be in our thoughts dear Winter, no sooner will the clocks have changed and we will be counting down the days to when the clocks go back and we welcome you back into our lives.

Why do you have to leave us Winter? It’s been too quick, we’ve not done all the things we said we would before spring arrives. I know you will be back but it’s feels like such a long time, so many hurdles to jump, so many mountains to climb whilst we wait for your return. I’ll try not to look back, I’ll just focus on the future, knowing that whatever the Summer will bring you will be waiting for us with your long dark days and endless hours or fun.

I know it won’t be all bad, the warmth the summer sun leaves behind will be worth the wait everyday to be able to enjoy our night garden without the use of hot water bottles. I just know day after day that wait seems to feel longer and longer. I’m trying not to think about it too much and just enjoy each day as it comes knowing that you will return dear Winter, our most favourite season of all.


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