Sometimes I lose an hour in my thoughts, thoughts that are lost, thought that have no meaning.

Sometimes I spend an hour talking about XP like I am the worlds expert; but in reality I can’t catch my breath. I’m sinking and no one can help me.

Sometimes I talk about skin cancer like its the same as catching a cold; its not.

Sometimes I hear people talking about the parking problems at QMC; I’ve never not been able to park!

Sometimes I want to tell the doctors what I think; I can’t as I would be lost without them.

Sometimes I want the night to stay forever; I know the night has to give in to the day.

Sometimes I wish I could turn the clock back; go back to a time before we knew.

Sometimes I want to sleep; but I just can’t, I can’t sleep.

Sometimes I appear to cope so well; I’m treading water, just keeping my head above the water line.

Sometimes I don’t know what day it is; or what month.

Sometimes I hear her cry; I never tell anyone.

Sometimes people ask me how she is; I lie and say she’s doing fine.

Sometimes I wish it were me; and not my perfect, so perfect girl.

Sometimes I want to scream and cry; I can’t.

Sometimes I have no words;


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