Ready for you!

One week until the summer holidays, how did that happen? The last year has gone past in the blink of an eye. I can’t believe that my little girl, my baby girl is turning 7 in 14 days and in one weeks time she leaves Key Stage one for the last time as she enters the next stage in her academic journey – Key Stage two.

As both Eddie and Livvy attend a primary school not a great deal changes in terms of the school that they attend, it’s not like they have to leave an infant school and start over at a juniors but they will both be in KS2, they will both be behind ‘those’ double doors that cuts the school in two. I think Livvy is looking forward to being a ‘big’ girl and joining her brother through those sacred doors and in turn Eddie is keen to show his younger sister how things go down on that side of the playground!

I think the only one who is over thinking this next stage within school is me! Both my children are growing up so fast, can’t I just press pause and watch them play for a while longer? I know that once Livvy has passed through those doors then it’s full steam ahead as we start looking at secondary schools for her. Yes you did read that correctly, we will be looking at secondary schools whilst Livvy is in year three!!! Not because we are obsessed parents that want to get her into the best school and are planning on moving postcodes in order to achieve that but because the local county council would like to know which school as soon as possible so that alterations can be made ahead of her moving up.

Our dealings with the local county council so far have been anything but quick and efficient (but that’s a whole other post – if I dare to write my true feelings about them in full view of all that wish to read! I might wait until they’ve made the alterations to our chosen secondary school first, just in case!)

So once Livvy is settled into year three with her new teachers our next hurdle will begin, it’s never plain sailing living with XP, there’s never a dull moment, each step in Livvy’s journey to adulthood has to be carefully planned so that she can get the most out of her life, and enjoy what most people take for granted such as attending the local secondary school.

Yesterday when I picked up both Eddie and Livvy from school they both came out carrying brown envelopes, which at this time of year can only mean one thing – school reports!!! Both Eddie and Livvy have had it tough the past two years, more so Livvy being the one with XP but it’s been tough for Eddie too as her sibling. It fills me with pride that both their reports are brilliant and they are both working to an excellent standard. It would be so easy for them both to drop in their academic life but I’m glad to say thus far they both seem to be doing just fine. I think, for Eddie more so, it’s a world away from XP and living in our bubble that gives him the freedom to thrive as he does. He can become the person who he is meant to be and not the big brother that has to protect his sister.

In Livvys report she is described as an ‘incredible little girl, admired for her strength and bravery’. Her sense of humour and personality being noted, for anyone that truly knows Livvy, for her as a little girl and not the girl in the mask will know how happy, positive and full of fun she is and this is what gets her through each day living with xeroderma pigmentosum, its what allows her to make an informed decision about how long she wishes to spend out side each day, her teachers respect her and listen to her needs allowing her personality to shine with no worries or cares of XP for the most part of her school day.

I hope that in year three and the rest of Key Stage 2 she is able to shine and build on her determination to live a life that wasn’t meant for her. By that I mean she was meant to stay in the shadows, hiding away from the sun but trying to get Livvy to stay in the shadows is impossible, she leaves a rainbow behind her everywhere she goes. Her laugh is infectious and her smile is hard to dampen. She is my fighter and as long as her new teachers know this I’m sure she will do great in the next stage of school and beyond.

But before Livvy enters the world of year three and Eddie becomes a year four boy, we have six weeks to fill with as much fun and laughter as we can. We have Livvy’s birthday to celebrate, a trip to London, a theatre visit, many trips to the cinema, plus lots of play dates and many more exciting days planned. Come on summer holidays, we are ready for you!


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